You are Viktoria Frankenstein, the world’s most brilliant mad scientist! Despite your higher intelligence and stunning good looks, you find yourself plagued by loneliness. Rather than wait for these Philistines to recognize how great you are, you’ve decided to build your perfect girlfriend; someone to share your greatness with! 

But it seems that everyone just wants to be an obstacle today; don’t let them distract you!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLucie O' Lantern
Made withTwine
TagsCreepy, Cute, Dark Humor, Sci-fi, text-adventure, Twine, Zombies


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really cute game, but the images don't work for me anymore. ive tried firefox chrome and safari

The till death do us part ending got reall dark reall fast.


just like real life

wow i got the best ending at first try



You are awesome


Thank you and you are too :)

got all endings lol! awesome and funny game!

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man this was good! i like how the best ending is the lesbians together hehe, the different things you do to make the girlfriend were fun and makes me wanna make a girlfriend to, i love how sweet the girlfriend is and igor was super cute also, the dialouge was funny and glad it was short tbh because with what it had i enjoyed alot, good game!

Igor didn't have a chance

my favorite game by far

It's my second favorite game.You should try double cheeseburger medium fries.

the bitzi and demon endings are my favs 🥺

ah yes demon lesbian . LITERALLY ME !!

the art is so cute omgg



i wish she stayed with igor ;c

nah she was so sad and lonely with igor :(

got all the endings and i love it!! such cute art btw

I loved it! The art was also really cute! Good job!

Ahhh! I LOVE THIS! This game is so nice, wish there was more art involved but it was nice anyhow! Great Work!


hmm yes. Zombie lesbians, just the way I like it.

Cute game! I think I managed to get all the endings :) I really enjoyed playing it


This was so so cute and appealed in so many fun niche ways! You are a hero for creating this piece of mad scientist lady fiction.

Omfg, i got a bad ending. I didn't even know this game had bad endings.

<3 <3 <3


This is so cute and fun. It made my night :D




Ahh this is adorable!