You've just died, but instead of the sweet release of death, you find yourself in the custody of a goddess with a bargain; become her personal agent of love or be turned into a love zombie! It won't be too hard, right? ....Right??


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The game is nice and I enjoy it, but just as an fyi the background was removed from its base site and now its just an error screen (at least this is happening for me (: ) 

Ah me too, i cant even play, the text blends right in with the bright colours, awfully sad but hopefully the creator will see these!!

Wait, Lucie-o-Lantern?

Why is this name so familia-

AH! YOU'RE ON INSTAGRAM AREN'T YOU?! I'm your follower (maybe wrong)!


Won't load, I only get a black screen with the option to go into fullscreen mode.

nevermind. allowing cookies seemed to fix the problem.



try allowing cookies, it fixed my problem.


It was a cute, gorgeous little visual novel. I enjoyed it!:3


This is a very nice game and the art's adorable! I found the writing to be hilarious and it kept me entertained the whole time.


So sweet!


this game Is so lovely I couldn't help but smile like an idiot throughout the whole game